gaelic4parents If you are looking to introduce some #Gaelic around the house, head over to gaelic4pare... where you can find flashcards with handy words and phrases to use in everyday situations (sound files are included too) pic.twitter...
05:09PM Feb 22
gaelic4parents It is #InternationalMotherLanguage Day: Gàidhlig = #Gaelic Beurla = English Gaeilge = Irish a' Chuimris = Welsh Fraingis = French Gearmailtis = German Spàinntis = Spanish Duitsis = Dutch Pòlainnis = Polish pic.twitter...
04:56PM Feb 21
gaelic4parents An t-ionnsachadh òg - start them young with g4p! Phrases to use with little ones and help with your pronounciation - www.gaelic4...
06:24PM Feb 20