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I can’t speak Gaelic – how can I support my child with homework and so on?

This is one of the most frequently-expressed concerns of parents with children in Gaelic-medium education. The updated website include a live homework support chat manned by a team of Gaelic-speaking support officers for two hours each schoolnight as well as social networking opportunities for parents who wish to participate in online discussions about issues replating to their children’s education

Firstly, bear in mind that you are not alone – very many children in Gaelic-medium education have no Gaelic-speaking parent at home, and teaching staff will be understanding of your situation. Some schools offer support by running after-school homework-support sessions; you could enquire as to whether this is an option in your school.  Make sure that you take full advantage of available resources; schools can provide tapes and CDs so that children can listen to reading-books being read-aloud, particularly at the early years stages.  School staff can supply homework instructions in English on request for parents who can’t read Gaelic.

It is also worth remembering that your child will reach fluency very quickly in Gaelic-medium education and as soon as (s)he can read alone, (s)he will be able to translate for you. Much of the curriculum is the same whether delivered through Gaelic or English, and you will be able to support your child with subjects like maths and science through the medium of English what is important to show an interest and be encouraging in developiong your child’s personal learning skills.

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