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Use these interactives to learn some simple Gaelic phrases that you and your children can try together!

Click on the arrows to change phrases, and switch extra phrases or endearments on and off with the buttons provided. You can listen to the complete phrase by clicking on the ear! The English translation appears at the bottom.

ouch'Oh dear!' - 'We'll put a plaster on' - 'that's better'. All the phrases you need for little accidents!

shoppingA useful selection of adjustable phrases for when you're out and about in town.

bakingEveryone loves to cook and bake with their young ones. It's the perfect time to try out some Gaelic phrases too!

wakeySome handy interactive phrases for first thing in the morning.

splashDon't place your computer too close to the bath when you're trying these useful phrases!.

bedtimeTime for bed? It's an ideal opportunity to try out some Gaelic phrases...

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