Listen and Speak

3-5 listen and speak main
Listen and speak with our clickable scenarios to increase your own and your child’s Gaelic vocabulary.

In each animated scene, you can simply click on any object to read the appropriate text, and hear the term being correctly pronounced. This way, your child's vocabulary can increase greatly whilst exploring the scenes!

Story-book and real-life peopleThe greatest ever fancy-dress party, bursting with Gaelic terms!

Weather and seasonsGaelic terms you can use throughout the year.

Me and my clothes Point, click and learn: clothes and parts of the body.

Colours and numbersFind out the right words for colours and numbers.

In the parkYou're in the park to find out these Gaelic terms.

schoolListen and learn - all you need for things around the school.

roomsNavigate around the house by Gaelic alone!

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