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Since my child doesn’t speak Gaelic, will his/her learning of other subjects be affected?

Not at all. During P1 and P2 his/her language skills will develop very quickly and (s)he will be fully able to participate in class activities across the curriculum.

The September 2010 research done by Edinburgh University, reports that –

“Gaelic medium is chosen for its capacity to enrich the culture of its pupils as well as for its general cognitive benefits. The evidence here on attainment justifies the perception that it broadens pupils’ learning, in that it develops their competence in the Gaelic language without harming their attainment in other subjects.

Our evidence would therefore be consistent with the conclusion reached by Nicolson and MacIver in 2003 that ‘Gaelic-medium education has been one of the success stories of recent Scottish education’ (Nicolson and MacIver, 2003, p. 70). “

GME in Scotland:Choice and Attainment in Primary and Early Secondary School (

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