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Other Gaelic education initiatives

Primary Language Learning (PLL)

(Previously known as GLPS, or Gaelic Learners in the Primary School), PLL offers an introduction to Gaelic for children not being educated through the medium of Gaelic. This course has proved popular with pupils and  is delivered by a teacher who has undergone a twenty-week tuition programme. . The course will not result in fluency but will raise awareness of and interest in Gaelic as well as teaching basic phrases.

Learners’ courses in the Secondary School

Gaelic language and literature can be studied at two different levels in the secondary school – ‘native speakers’ (studied by children educated in Gaelic-medium) and ‘learners’. Learners’ courses, like GLPS tuition, will not result in full fluency but will raise awareness of and interest in Gaelic and provide a platform upon which children can build once they leave school.

Gaelic Learner Education

Gaelic Learner Education (GLE) is an overarching term which spans across 3-18 provision. Opportunities currently exist for learning the Gaelic language and are referred to as Gaelic Learners in the Primary School (GLPS). At the secondary stages, this is referred to as Gaelic Learners (GL).

By the time they begin their study of Gaelic, children will have acquired their home language(s) and will have begun to study English in a school context. Both primary and secondary teachers will support children and young people to reflect on what they have already achieved in English and in other home or community languages and will help them understand how this helps them to learn Gaelic. Learners will also recognise the links between Gaelic and English through, for example, place names.

The study of Gaelic supports learners to gain a deeper understanding of Gaelic language, culture and heritage. Children and young people will enjoy Gaelic as a living language with a rich culture and heritage.

As children and young people use Gaelic in real and relevant contexts, they will see a purpose to their language learning and develop skills that they can use and enjoy in work and leisure throughout their lives. For more information on Gaelic Learner Education go here